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What Is Straighterline?

StraighterLine is a United States-based educational platform that offers higher education courses that are equivalent to general courses required for one to obtain a bachelor's degree. These courses are low priced and usually offered purely online. The company is itself not accredited but has more than 150 partnerships with accredited colleges and universities in the United States.

The platform mainly offers McGraw-Hill course content delivered through the delivery model used by many online colleges and universities. It offers students a chance to take any number of online college courses for $99 a month plus $59 a course. The course purchase comes with free eTextbooks.

Types Of Courses You Can Pursue On The Platform

  1. Straighterline math courses

These include college algebra, general calculus I, general calculus II, introduction to statistics, introduction to algebra, and precalculus.

  1. Straighterline science courses

The catalog of self-paced science courses and labs include anatomy and physiology I, anatomy and physiology II, general physics, general chemistry, introduction to biology, environment, introduction to nutrition, and microbiology.

  1. Straighterline Humanities courses

These include courses such as American government, introduction to philosophy, introduction to communication, religion, sociology, survey of world history, United States history, western civilization, and criminal justice.

  1. Straighterline health science courses

These include anatomy and physiology I, anatomy and physiology II, microbiology, first aid/CPR, personal fitness and wellness, medical terminology, and pharmacology.

Straighterline Answers

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  1. Straighterline English Courses

The catalog of self-paced and professor-led English courses you can pursue on the platform include developmental writing, English composition I, and English composition II.

  1. Straighterline business Courses

These include accounting I and II, business communication, business law, business ethics, business statistics, financial accounting, entrepreneurship, managerial accounting, microeconomics, macroeconomics, principles of management, organizational behavior, and personal finance.

  1. Other Straighterline courses such as languages, technology, social science, and much more.

Types of Straighterline Answers That We Provide

  1. Straighterline final exam answers

Most of the courses on StraighterLine requires a student to take proctored final exams. Some of the courses that don’t require students to take a proctored final exam include developmental courses, 1-credit lab courses, and English Composition courses.

  1. Answers for Straighterline open-ended questions

These are StraighterLine assignments that contain an “open-ended” question or an essay. These types of assignments are usually graded within three to five days. Once this grading is complete, a final grade for the assignment is posted.

  1. Straighterline practice exams answers

Most courses on Straighterline have practice exams throughout the course to test the student’s knowledge of materials and topics covered. While these exams are not required as part of the course’s completion criteria, they are recommended because they help students prepare for the Straighterline final exam.

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We have 500 plus unemployed professors with several years of experience in taking online classes.

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  1. On-time deliver

You don’t have to worry about missing a deadline when you place an order on our website. Our academic writing experts honor all kinds of deadlines.

  1. Affordable services

Our competitive prices and attractive discounts make the cost of getting Straighterline final exam answers and other types of answers affordable.

  1. 100% privacy and confidentiality guarantee

We have a strict privacy and confidentiality policy in place so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your personal information.

  1. Secure payment methods

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  1. 24/7 support availability

Our customer support team is available around the clock to any questions you might have about our online class help services.

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