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Write My CV

Are you looking for a job? Then you definitely need one thing: a CV. But what does CV really mean? Curriculum vitae (CV) means 'life course' very officially. In other words: the life path you have already walked. And now to the point: in your CV you list your work experience and diplomas along with personal information, such as hobbies and skills. Many people come to our website for 'Write My CV,' and our professionals actually first get a complete your basic life, educational and work experience and then present in an interactive way, so that you should be shortlisted for the job.

The purpose of a resume is, therefore, to quickly give an employer a good overview of what you have to offer. Do you have the right diploma for a job? Or the required work experience? Does your profile match the candidate they are looking for? A recruiter will read it all from your CV (and cover letter).

We are professional people, and our professionals from different fields are always available for your most common issue, 'Write My CV.'

Write My CV:  What will we include in your CV?

Time to make a resume. But what should be in a CV, and how do you prepare a good CV? Or how we will write your CV? Or Write My CV: what should we include in your CV? A resume contains the following components:

  • Piece about yourself
  • Work experience
  • educations
  • Knowledge and skills
  • CV with photo: yes or no?

1.    Contact details:

Before you put your contact details on your CV on autopilot, take a minute. Because this is a paragraph where you can already make a difference. Do you have your driving license? Put it there. Do you have your own website or online portfolio that is relevant to the job? Hoppa, on it. Are you applying for a creative job, and is your Instagram account a piece of art? Do not forget to mention it. Whenever you search online for 'Write My CV,' then you get results all websites required your details to include it into your Cv just because if your employer selected you, then he will able to contact you.

Write My CV

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Indispensable contact details are:

  • First and last name
  • Your address
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone number
  • Email address

Introduce yourself

Include a short, personal piece about yourself. It is some work. Because how can you introduce yourself without copying your cover letter and using clichés? But this makes your CV more than just a piece of paper with what you can do.

2.   Work experience

Push an employer or recruiter a resume under his nose, and what is he looking at? To relevant work experience, of course. So don't fill your CV with all those side jobs that you only lasted for two months. But put on jobs that have benefited you more than just making money fast. What the reader thinks: look, he's ready for this job. If you also briefly tell what your tasks were for each relevant job and put the jobs in order from present to past, then your CV is on point.

Afraid that the employer or recruiter thinks: hey, he has a lot of holes in his CV? Then dividing your work experience is the solution. For example, under 'relevant work experience' and 'other work experience.'

3.   No work experience?

Do you have little or no work experience? There are probably interesting or relevant projects and assignments that you have done at school. Explain what role you played in this and which qualities came in handy. Do you volunteer? Then that is also good to mention.


Those years of toil in the school desks deserve a nice place on your CV. Transfer these from the past to the past and start with your high school diploma. Do not forget to mention whether you have obtained the diploma. By the way, have you done an interesting thesis, minor or extra study activities? Then add this too.

4.   Knowledge and skills

Putting knowledge and skills on your CV is certainly a good one. But omit general things like knowledge of Word. Anyone can do that. Make it distinctive. For example, mention content management systems that you have mastered or languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat come in handy for your future job.

5.   CV with photo: yes or no?

Do you have a photo on your CV? No photo on your resume? We say: just do a CV with a photo. A simple portrait photo taken with daylight, looking straight into the camera and smiling, is always good. You remember someone much better if you have a face with it?

Checklists to see before questioning 'Write My CV.'

Personal data? Check. Work experience? Check. The photo on your resume? Check. Ready to send your CV. Just take a look at the tips below before you do that to make sure that your professional resume looks super sleek, and we actually very serious about it. See which we consider while writing for your professional CV.

  • Do not make your CV longer than two A4 pages.
  • Create a basic CV and adapt it every time to the job you are applying for. This way, you create a perfect match with the function every time.
  • Make your CV clear and scannable. With subheadings, logical order and neat alignment
  • Put your name in the header of your CV. Especially useful for a recruiter who can find your resume so quickly.
  • Use a representative email address.
  • Use hyperlinks in your resume. This allows the recruiter or employer to look at your blog or social media channels earlier. Do not use an overload of links, but put a maximum of three.
  • Print your CV for the final check. You often see errors on paper faster than on your screen.
  • Always have your resume checked by someone else. Four eyes see more than two.
  • Check everything? Then save your CV as a PDF file. This means that nothing can jump in the layout anymore.

We are professional people, and our professionals from different fields are always available to provide you professional CV, which actually helps you to get a job because a CV without that purpose has not beneficial for anyone. Hope so we are the best solution for your problem, your 'Write My CV' and you will definitely get your dream job.

Click here to message us via WhatsApp: +1 (585) 239-0248

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